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34 Doctor Heriberto Pieter Street, Naco, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic


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    The entire team at Hotel Aladino is available and happy to answer your questions. We invite you to contact us in a way that is most convenient for you.

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    If you are not sure what is best way for you to arrive to the Hotel Aladino then we suggest these ways to see which one is fine for you.


    The transfer service from airport is one of the most comfortable options to get to Hotel Aladino. Book your airport pickup by contacting us (Surcharge).


    Rent a car to reach us. In Autopista Las Americas, follow route and continue straigh onto Expreso 27 de Febrero. Take Ortega y Gasset Avenue to Doctor Heriberto Pieter Street.


    You will find cab companies outside. In little more than forty minutes it will take you to our hotel.


    Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, if you have the APP installed on your phone use Uber for convenient rides to and from the airport.