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First city of the

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From historical landmarks to newer destinations, here are the best Santo Domingo attractions for locals and tourists alike.


Colonial city Is the historic central neighborhood of Santo Domingo and the oldest permanent European settlement of the Americas. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Natural Park of the three eyes

Is the name given to a 50-yard open-air limestone cave located in the Mirador del Este park, in the Santo Domingo Este. A series of three lakes. The caves are open from 9 am to 5 pm.

National Aquarium

A few minutes away from the Columbus Lighthouse you’ll find the amazing National Aquarium, which has approximately 34500 m² and over 250 different marine species.

National Zoo

Stroll around and see animals of different kinds and sizes in the National Zoo Park of Santo Domingo, and admire the animal diversity that you can find in the Dominican Republic.

Botanical Garden

A remarkable range of flora and fauna are represented in this Dominican nature preserve. The garden features collections of bromeliads, ferns, and an exhibit of over 300 types of orchids.

Plaza de la Cultura

Plaza de la Cultura is a pleasant open plaza replete with fountains, lush greenery and sculptures. It’s home to some of the most important museums in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo Downtown

Raises the bar and nightlife scenes up several nights. The Piantini and Naco neighborhoods are abuzz from Wednesday onwards, for late night dancing, clubs spinning modern sounds abound on Abraham Lincoln and Lope de Vega avenues.


The closest beaches are located an hour east of the capital city, the cosmopolitan beach town of Juan Dolio offers an easy and tranquil tropical escape near the capital city. You can also enjoy Boca Chica beach, this Beach is for those who love getting away from it all.